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Ontario School Boards' Insurance Exchange

The Ontario School Boards’ Insurance Exchange is a school board owned, non profit insurance program with 106 members, representing over 95 percent of the school boards in Ontario. The primary goals of the Exchange are to insure member school boards against losses, and to promote safe school practices. Consistent with common co operative principles, each member in the reciprocal assumes a share of the risk carried by all members of the pool and also shares in any surplus of funds accumulated. The organization is run by a Board of Directors who are elected from the membership based on regional representation.
The Company’s vision to attract, retain and develop the right staff, which allows them to provide service excellence, leadership, and learning, while encouraging the involvement of members, to ensure availability of insurance coverage’s and adapt their products and services to meet their members evolving needs, to differentiate themselves through the delivery of risk management products and services to their members, to promote and share the benefits of membership and to be a good corporate citizen by demonstrating a high degree of ethical conduct and responsible corporate governance.
The Ontario School Boards' Insurance Exchange Oracle is a quarterly publication by Ontario School Board's Insurance Exchange. The newsletter contains current risk management issues that are of interest to Ontario school boards. The Oracle contains and statistics about recent incidents and Court decisions in school board claims. The Oracle is more than a simple newsletter. The Oracle has published many articles containing more than 100’s risk management tips on school board issues. Many school boards keep the Oracle as a valuable reference for future enquiries. 

The Company’s mission is to provide the independent agent with property and casualty insurance products and services for individuals, families and small businesses in Main Street America. Their continued commitment to consumers and independent agents has contributed to their growth and success.

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