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GuideOne Insurance

Guide One Insurance is America’s leading insurer of churches, churchquor and faith based institutions including private schools and collages and not for profit senior living communities. As one of the country’s largest church insurance companies, GuideOne protects nearly 45,000 church policyholders.GuideOne offers superior church market expertise, the most comprehensive insurance coverage available, employee benefits, and the industry’s leading church safety resources through the GuideOne Center for Risk Management.

Their Homeowners Coverage offers you extensive protection. GuideOne’s personal lines products include new Faith Guard auto and homeowners coverage, which offer churchgoers enhanced protection for their activities, travel, and lifestyles. Faith Guard homeowners insurance to meet the unique needs of religious individuals. With Faith Guard homeowners, you can enjoy extra protection for your church activities, property, and religious lifestyle. Faith Guard homeowners is the only policy of its kind in the marketplace and offers advantages and coverage that go beyond ordinary insurance products. Faith Guard delivers all of protection and features that you expect in a high quality policy, plus a whole lot more. And, you don't have to pay extra for Faith Guard.

Faith Guard homeowner’s policies also cover structures and personal property against damages that result from certain causes of loss. Insurance companies usually refer to these causes as perils. Among the more common covered perils insured in standard homeowners policies are Fire, Lightening, Windstorm, Hail, Theft, Smoke damage, Vandalism, Freezing of plumbing, Water damage resulting from accidental leakage. Special protection also covers your residence, garage, and other adjacent structures from the above listed perils, plus unexpected hazards and other perils that are not specifically excluded. These include Water seepage in the attic, Damage resulting from overheated, appliances and Damage resulting from dropped or fallen objects.

Full lines of premier life insurance products are available as well. They invite you to learn more about how Guide One can safeguard your future with protection and services that go beyond traditional insurance.

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