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Grinnell Mutual Group

Grinnell Mutual’s roots can be traced back to the mid 1800s. Their mutual system flourished and developed into efficient modern business organizations serving their counties and adjoining areas. In 1909, a State Association meeting called for the need of a reinsurance organization for the county mutuals and the company now known as Grinnell Mutual was created.
Today, Grinnell Mutual operates in ten states throughout the Midwest, reinsuring over 280 mutuals, and achieving a 46 percent market share. In addition, Grinnell Mutual employs over 680 dedicated individuals, making it the largest employer in Poweshiek County. Grinnell Mutual Group Select Insurance provides coverage for Preferred Drivers and drivers who would otherwise be unacceptable for coverage through Grinnell Mutual’s standard auto insurance program.
Grinnell Mutual Group has a strong commitment of providing excellent service to their affiliated mutuals, agents and policyholders. They are a company committed to providing high quality insurance products and outstanding customer service to their policyholders, claimants and agents that represent them. They know their mission and business strategy and are committed to the long term success of the organization and the financial protection of their policyholders. They possess the core competencies needed to perform their jobs and they continuously improve and learn. They are focused on the future as well as the present. They consider how their actions today will impact the organization and their customers of tomorrow.
They are self-directed and take the initiative to make meaningful contributions to the organization and take responsibility for their actions and career development. They have the skills, experience and ability to adapt to changing job demands, corporate priorities and customer expectations. On behalf of all employees, they look forward to serving your personal insurance needs with a personal touch.
Honesty, integrity and stability have been more than just a motto for them. It has become the only manner in which they will conduct business. By providing exceptional service to their insured’s and agents, they assist in times of need and create relationships that last for a lifetime. They encourage you to explore this site and to discover all that the firm  has to offer. When you do, you'll begin to understand how they provide stability, security and peace of mind to so many.

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