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Ayr Farmers' Mutual

It is the spirit of co-operation and self help that the Ayr Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company was established in the Village of Ayr over one hundred years ago. Today, the Ayr fire bell remains a symbol of one of the most notable characteristics of Ontario pioneer life which is the spirit of community and co-operation.

The Ayr Farmers Mutual was licensed and prepared to take risks. Under the mutual plan of the sharing of risk, each Policyholder was required to sign a premium note. They agreed to assume certain liabilities of the Company directly proportionate to the policyholder's own limit of protection. When fire occurred, an assessment of whatever percentage was needed to cover the particular loss was levied, collected in due course, and paid over to the Claimant. The premium note was the Company's prime financial backing.

The Company's First Annual Meeting was held in McGeorge's Hall on February 27th, 1894. Many Policyholders attended. Joseph Wrigley read the report by saying that the Directors of this Company can point with considerable satisfaction to its present standing and contemplate hopefully its future prospects. The volume of insurance to date has been unexpectedly large amounting to an aggregate of $805,060.00 representing 238 Policies.

Everything had gone well for the new venture like the President, Board, Secretary, and a quiet flow of premiums from town and country, mutually. Ayr Farmers are proud of its community involvement. Ayr Farmers Mutual is a local company, owned by its policyholders hence it is important for them to support the communities that support them. The Board of Directors is committed to financially helping local agricultural societies. Each year they receive many requests for donations and they are pleased to be able to help as many organizations as they can. When looking at special requests for funding, their focus is on agricultural and youth groups.

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