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Avemco Insurance Company

Founded in 1961, Avemco Insurance Company has been insuring general aviation aircraft and pilots for over 40 years. During this time they have become among the most widely known and respected aviation insurance companies in the United States. Specializing in property and casualty insurance for pleasure and business aircraft owners and pilots, they enjoy the distinction of being the only direct writer of aviation insurance in the US and are licensed in all 50 states. In addition to insurance for owned aircraft, they also provide policies for pilots who rent aircraft, including Certified Flight Instructors.
Avemco is a wholly owned subsidiary of HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. HCC. In conjunction with HCC Benefits Corporation, Avemco added a medical stop loss product to their specialty insurance portfolio. HCC Benefits is the leading underwriter of medical stop loss programs in the nation, and their alliance provides important coverage for self insuring benefit programs.
Accident analysis has confirmed that pilot error is the primary reason for aircraft accidents. Avemco originally introduced the Avemco Safety Rewards Program to help pilots learn wise decision making skills that promote a safer environment for flying. The program was designed to reward pilots for participating in specialized training programs related to the type of flying they do. Now they have expanded the program to include credits for completion of recurrence training programs and courses in a special series from King Schools including the Avemco King Practical Risk Management for Pilots, Practical Risk Management for Weather and now the new course Practical Risk Management for Takeoffs and Landings, all on.
Customer surveys consistently indicate that knowledgeable insurance counselors, excellent service and outstanding reputation are among the reasons they prefer insuring their aviation activities through Avemco. Customers also find that doing business with Avemco is very easy and convenient with evening and Saturday hours. They are honored by the trust placed in them by their customers and are continually working to improve their products and services.
Buying aviation insurance from Avemco gives you peace of mind not. Since they are the only Direct Writers of aviation insurance in the country, Avemco is the one place you can go to speak directly to the insurance company all other aviation insurance providers sell their products through agents and brokers, including all association sponsored programs. At Avemco you get the straight story about insurance, sold and underwritten at the same place.

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