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The Arbella Insurance Group was founded in 1988, Company is a customer focused regional group of five property and casualty insurance carriers providing personal and commercial insurance products throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. In addition to their core insurance operations, Arbella’s service companies are committed to providing seamless loss management, claims settlement and agency assistance.

Arbella achieved success on many fronts in 2004. They continued to build financial strength, to provide exceptional levels of service and to enhance their relationships with their partner agents. Arbella Insurance Group is one of the leading property and casualty insurance providers in Massachusetts. Their corporate headquarters are conveniently located in Quincy, MA. Their claims offices are located throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The Company strives to have each customer contact with their employees a memorable event that encourages customer loyalty. In order to facilitate that memorable event, Arbella strives to ensure that employees feel a sense of belonging, ownership and commitment to their mission and vision. They believe that once their employees know and understand their value to the company, their customers will benefit.
They value unique contributions and reward creativity, initiative and leadership. At Arbella, their continued success is due to their employees who are their most valued resources. Each Arbella employee is referred to as an advocate for the customer. Customer advocates are provided with innovative technology and the industry tools necessary to engage in enduring relationships with those relying on their services.

Arbella provides a welcoming community which allows employees to produce quality work and excel in their jobs while promoting work/life balance. They offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits and a comfortable work environment in an open and friendly atmosphere.

The mission of Arbella Insurance Group is to be a recognized leader in automobile insurance and other insurance products. They will achieve this goal and maintain financial strength by specializing in a limited number of products and markets. They will earn customer loyalty by providing exceptional levels of service, utilizing innovative technology and employing effective methods of distribution. They will encourage a culture that supports the personal and professional growth of their employees.

They will maintain positive, enduring relationships with those who rely on their service.

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