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Clarendon Insurance

Clarendon Insurance is a U.S. based Property & Casualty insurance company and is one of the largest reinsurance groups in the world. Clarendon Insurance is comprised of the four Property & Casualty insurance companies namely, Clarendon National Insurance Company, Clarendon America Insurance Company, Clarendon Select Insurance Company and Harbor Specialty Insurance Company. Clarendon has an experienced management team with over twenty years of insurance industry experience each. The company's primary objectives are the competent and profitable writing of commodity business, as well as the cost effective and professional management of terminated programs.

Under their business model, functional areas are segregated to insure the most expert and efficient handling of each area. The firm focuses specifically on the five functional areas which are financial and accounting, legal and compliance, claims, IT, underwriting.

Other insurance company back-office functions are mostly outsourced to expert general agents and third party administrators, whose in depth knowledge of their industry segment and highly developed underwriting and claims handling expertise enables them to offer the highest level of service to their customers.

Clarendon recognizes the unique needs of the insurance industry, its partners, and individual markets, and acts to meet those needs efficiently with ability and willingness to take significant risk on its programs, co-operation with general agents and reinsures to construct effective programs, expertise to seize select market opportunities by structuring innovative and flexible programs and creation of mutually beneficial relationships.

Clarendon has implemented stricter underwriting criteria, more conservative reserving methodologies, and has better relationships with its Managing General Agents. The firm is the established leader within the program sector and is truly the only pure program writer remaining. Clarendon has solid business position, aligned management and corporate strategy, capital and earnings contributions, parental commitment, and investment strategy. Clarendon has implemented significantly enhanced risk controls, focusing on measuring gross underwriting profit and automating the underwriting criteria.

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