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Citizens Insurance Company

The purpose of the Citizens Insurance Company is to serve their fellowman through living benefit financial products, and in doing so, to build one of the largest, most successful and proficient life insurance companies in the world, and also by providing lifetime financial security to individuals and families all over the world. Their objective is not just to own stock, be a policy owner, have a job, make sales, receive a paycheck, build a company or be successful, but instead, for the sincere purpose of helping others live longer and better financially.
The principles which guide their actions are their ethical standard, morality, integrity and spirit of their conduct, should at all times be at a high level that no one will ever come in contact with them without his or her life having been improved as a result of the association. Their philosophy is not to be just another financial services institution. They intend to be different. In fact, they want the Company to be a way of life, one that causes living to be more meaningful and exciting by providing unique services, products, purpose, direction and inspiration to each member, as well as the public in general.
They believe every individual is unique and special, each having personal talents, along with unlimited potential for greatness. They think every human being is extremely capable and believe each one becomes even greater as his or her faith, self-image and respect increase. They believe each teammate should maintain absolute faith and trust in people, himself or herself, his or her teammates, the Company, the purpose, the product, and the opportunities available to them.
They believe one never succeeds by tearing someone else down, but instead makes constant progress by praising his or her teammates and the competition. They believe when a person desires to move up the ladder, all he or she needs to do is push the one above a little higher by extolling that individual's merits.
They believe the power, wisdom, and ability of the infinite creator of the universe will help them achieve their goals when they believe, and that they assist them in direct proportion to the amount of their faith and work.

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