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Cincinnati Insurance Companies

The Cincinnati Insurance Company was founded by agents, for agents, and over the years has been an agent for change in the industry. They introduced one of the first personal umbrella policies and one of the first homeowner or auto package coverage’s, and they continue to offer multi year guaranteed rates on many policies. Additionally top officers of the Cincinnati Insurance Company meet to review newly written policies and not just the big ones. It’s this type of unique hands on approach which sets them apart from other insurers.
It take great pains to select only the best agents in the business to be their representatives, people they're confident will represent a policyholder's best interests as well. Only by serving the customer well do they fulfill their function for the Cincinnati Companies.
Their relationship with their agents is not an exclusive one. They are confident that the value, coverage’s and service offered will serve their independent agents well as they approach prospective customers or service existing policyholders. They sincerely feel that Cincinnati has the best agents in the business and they won't accept anyone less. The agents have years of experience helping customers plan for a secure future while making the most of every insurance dollar. They believe that every agent who represents them should have a proven track record of winning and rewarding trust, through thick and thin, good times and bad.
They pride themselves on their willingness to allow agents to write business that other companies might not entertain. They feel this flexibility is necessary in quality underwriting and service to policyholders. They select the finest agents so they can be secure in their judgments. It's this type of cooperation and flexibility between agent and insurer which serves a policyholder best, and they feel it's one of the reasons why independent agents recently rated The Cincinnati Insurance Company as the most responsive insurer in business insurance magazine.
They continue to provide a wide range of products, at reasonable prices, backed by outstanding claims service. Ongoing education, evaluation and encouragement of agents are the keys. Developmental seminars, annual sales meetings, excellent incentives, and an open door policy which gives agents access to whomever they need, whenever they need them, make Cincinnati Insurance very different and better. An insurance company can't lead unless it also follows through. They are proud of the agents that help them.

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