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CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company

On June 24, 1986, CAMICO opened its doors for business with a staff of two full-time employees reporting to John A. Dodsworth, CPA, and the president. Within a month, 1,250 policyholders were signed. CPA malpractice insurance is the only line of insurance CAMICO writes. The company has many staff members especially the professionals handling hotline calls who are CPAs themselves.

CAMICO is a mutual liability insurance company, owned by its policyholders. CAMICO’s twenty years of operation are marked by steady growth and progress. Establishing financial firmness has been the main concern for CAMICO since its inception. CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company was formed by CPAs to provide access to professional liability insurance, designed particularly for the profession, at reasonable, stable rates.
Since its inception in 1986, CAMICO has been dedicated to serving the CPA profession. Created by CPAs to protect CPAs, CAMICO has grown from its California origins to provide professional liability insurance and risk management services to CPAs nationwide. Confirming the company's continuing promise to supporting CPAs in improving their loss prevention and practice management methods a separate educational arm, CAMICO Services, Inc., was formed in 1995.

Today, CAMICO Services focuses exclusively on risk management for CPAs through discussion, risk assessment, and action. CAMICO's experience and claims data specify that the more familiar CPAs become with risk management techniques, the better prepared they are to turn away a liability claim.

CPAs practice in a controversial environment and, as the profession evolves and expands, CAMICO believes those CPAs who are ready to reply in an inventive way to change will be the leaders. CAMICO's objective is to provide risk management services and products to help CPAs become accustomed to a more unstable marketplace so that they can grow their practices to be even more successful.

In times of growth and practice expansion, CAMICO keeps an eye to the future. They stay in step with profession in helping their policyholders to the next level with practice and risk management tools.

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