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Briar Creek Mutual Insurance Company

The story of the Brian Creek mutual Insurance Company typifies the history of more than 1400 mutual insurance companies formed after the Civil War years.  A petition for a charter was made on June 16, 1874.  The company was incorporated by Special act of the Pennsylvania Legislature on December 18, 1874 under the name Briar Creek Farmers Mutual Insurance Company.

The Briar Creek Mutual Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurance company owned by policyholders and is dedicated to providing prompt, personalized and high quality insurance service at a fair price, continuing a high standard of service since 1874. They are also dedicated to protecting their policy holders and retaining their trust through personalized service and commitment to long term stability.

In a widening and more competitive marketplace they will strive to provide high quality competitively priced property and casualty insurance protection to the people of Pennsylvania. They position their company to respond to changes in the insurance industry.

They expand their operations as opportunities arise, making prudent acquisitions that take advantage of their years of insurance experience. They continue to forge alliances with professional agents to help the company grow and their agents prosper. They provide their company employees with the right tools and training so that they can work efficiently and safely. They cross train their employees to ensure smooth office operations. 

They continue to promote legislation which would ensure fair access to competitive insurance markets. They work cooperatively with trade associations to achieve this goal. They are a good corporate citizen and encourage their employees and agents to be active members of the community in which they reside. Since the business of insurance is basically the spreading of risks, they reduce the company's liability for cumulative, excessive losses by adequate reinsurance contracts.
The Briar Creek Mutual Insurance Company understands the value of a promise made and a promise kept. Their policyholders and agents can trust them to deliver the performance that they say they will deliver. The Company is sensitive to different needs in insurance coverages in a changing society. The Company is as interested in preventing losses as paying for losses after they occur, and will promote safety in the home and business. The Company is a mutual company, policyholder owned, and its assets will be managed conservatively, and its cost of operation kept under prudent control.

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