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Benefit Advisory Group, Inc.

Benefits Advisory Group Inc.specializes in strategic planning for employee benefits and human resource management. They work with business owners and management teams to determine their specific goals and needs.
First, they survey employees to identify their concerns. Then, they provide their clients with clear cut options tailored to satisfy their employees’ needs and meet corporate financial goals. Many of their clients ask us to implement and manage their entire benefits program. For do it yourselfers, they can provide hands on training in human resource management.
With dozens of insurance and retirement plans and hundreds of coverage and cost options to choose from, selecting the right plan for your company can be an overwhelming task. Developing paid time off policies that manage sick time, vacation pay, and disability insurance requires integration and consistency. They are here to make it all easier. While it is common to overhaul benefits and human resources programs when cost or growth becomes an issue, they go much further. They will explore your options and make recommendations based on your company’s size, culture, budget, and demographics.
The Preferred Provider Organization combines the freedom of traditional fee for service coverage with the cost effectiveness and convenience of a Health Maintenance Organization. To receive in network care, members simply present their identification card at the time of the visit; the service provider takes care of all the paperwork. Preferred Provider Organizations unlike Health Maintenance Organizations do not require that a member choose a PCP.
In a PPO, members can choose to visit doctors who are not part of the plan and still receive coverage. Members will usually pay a larger portion of the bill themselves from 40 percent to 50 percent of the doctor's usual charge and will usually have to complete a claim form in order to be reimbursed. Some people like this option because, even if their doctor is not part of the network, it means they don't have to change doctors to join a PPO. 

Benefits Advisory Group specializes in helping small businesses select, implement, and manage their people programs from benefits packages to employment policies. They are constantly reviewing current employment practices and laws to help their clients avoid liability, keep costs down, and stay competitive.

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