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The American Insurance Association Thinks about the Property/Casualty Insurer

In 1866, the National Board of Fire Underwriters was established; this means that the origin of the American Insurance Association (AIA) can be traced to more than 130 years ago. The Association of Casualty and Surety Companies and the National Board merged with the old American Insurance Association in 1964 and formed the current American Insurance Association. The AIA is represented in every state and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

The association is a leader in property/casualty insurance trade. Around 400 insurers that have to write approximately $120 billion in premiums per year are represented by the AIA. The companies that are members of the American Insurance Association offer many types of property/casualty insurance such as commercial property and liability coverage for small businesses, homeowners insurance, product liability insurance, medical malpractice coverage, workers compensation, casualty insurance and personal and commercial auto insurance.

The strength that the association has does not rely on their historical tradition of leadership (which makes them proud); the strength of the American Insurance Association is the way in which they look to what lies ahead in the future and follow that path without fear of this era of changes.

The insurance industry faces important issues, this fact is not a secret to the AIA and that is why the association is always willing to provide solutions to these problems. The American Insurance Association listens to what their companies, regulators, business leaders and consumers have to say regarding what the industry of insurances must have to improve and what the consumers require of insurance protection.

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