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Alabama Independent Agents Association: Taking Care of the Insurance Professional

The Alabama Independent Agents Association (AIIA) is not only the largest but also the oldest association dedicated to the Insurance of Property and Casualty in the state of Alabama. The AIIA was founded in 1896. It has around 500 members statewide. These members offer several lines of insurance to their customers. Those lines could be life, employee benefit, health, casualty and property insurance.

Persons and corporations that operate as independent insurance agencies with agency appointments of at least two property and casualty companies can turn into members of the association. The association is committed to guarantee success for the independent agency system by offering premier service to their members. Among these services are Employment Practices Liability, Commercial Umbrellas and Errors & Omissions.

Members of the association also enjoy access to Premium Financing, Rating Software and Employment Profile Tests and sell products like in-Home Business policies, Worker’s Compensation policies, Personal Umbrellas and some Flood Programs and insurance markets to their customers.

Besides the wide range of services and markets that the AIIA offers, the organization also has an Education Department that is considered award-winning. This Department promotes many educational courses across Alabama. This initiative is not limited to members of the association or independent agents; the classes are offered to insurance professionals that need any education level.

The AIIA tries to excel on public relations efforts for the independent insurance agent. The association makes sure that every session of the Alabama Legislature has committed lobbyist representation. Maintaining an active political action committee is also a part of the efforts of the association to perform positive public relations efforts.

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