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Shelter Insurance: Family of Companies

Shelter Insurance was founded in 1946 in Missouri offering only car insurance. Today, the company has grown and is one of the leader companies in the financial services and insurance industry. Actually, it is one of the most profitable companies in these fields in the country. The main objective of the company is to provide the best services and products based on an excellent customer service.

As many other companies, Shelter is also composed of other companies, which are Shelter Mutual Insurance Company, Shelter Financial Bank, Shelter Life Insurance Company, Shelter General Insurance Company and Shelter Reinsurance Company. The company employs over 2000 people and operates in thirteen states but the main office is located in Missouri.

One of the insurance that Shelter offers is the home insurance one which covers aspects such like building property, perils, liability, personal property, additional living expense or loss of rents and others. They also offer excellent deductible options.

An important aspect of this insurance is that it covers the personal property that is inside your home. However, the stuff is covered just if it is damaged as a consequence of certain risks previously established in the insurance contract. It applies at the residence location and also away from it. In case you have a second location where you could also live, it is covered too. If you are planning to get home insurance, think about Shelter Insurance as one of your options.

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