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American National Insurance Company: Providing a Personalized Service

American National Insurance Company was established in 1905. It is ranked in the largest life insurance corporation in the United States. It provides personalized service to more than five million of insured people through fifty states, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and District of Columbia. It is also certified to provide its products to the Americans military staff in the west of Europe and in Mexico throughout its subordinate companies: Compañía de Seguros de Vida or ANMEX, and American National de México. The corporation offers a broad line of insurance services and products such as pension plan services, life insurance, annuities, property and casualty, health insurance and credit insurance. The variable products and mutual funds are safety products dispensed by a subordinate broker dealer Securities Management and Research Corporation.

American National Insurance Company is the head of the American National family of companies known as the American National. Throughout its subordinates, American National provides casualty and property insurance, annuities and life insurance products and other financial services and products.

American National has the highest standards in financial reporting and business practices. The company, its products and services are designed to hold on the corporation’s ethical code, which supports: responsibility for obedience to the code, compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and governmental laws, ethical and honest conduct, including ethical handling of apparent or actual conflicts of interest among professional and personal relationships, filled, pale, precise, opportune, and comprehensible disclosures in public documents and reports.

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