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American Modern Insurance Group: Excellent Option

American Modern Insurance Group (AMIG) was founded in 1938. At the beginning, it was an automobile financial company, but today, it is one of the best home insurance companies offering excellent services and good rates for you to obtain your home insurance and protect one of your more important assets.

AMIG is composed of six property and casualty companies and two life credit corporations, all of them licensed to operate in all the 50 states. American Modern has been usually focused on writing corporal injury coverage and related coverage on manufactured housing insurance, and in recent times, it has extended its services to other fields such as lower valued homes, homeowners, collateral protection, dwelling fire and others. AMIG is also the specialized insurance subsidiary of Midland Company (one of the property companies).

Today, this company is one of the leader companies in the housing insurance business with more than 40 years of experience on this area. They are focused on offering products and services for residential properties such like private house and mobile homes. This company is leading the home insurance market thanks to the home insurance coverage they offer. Nevertheless, they also offer insurance for cars, students and others. If you are planning to obtain a home insurance, you can include AMIG as an excellent option.

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